Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas Treat

One of my favorite gifts, over the holidays, was this wonderful tin:

Handy tins

It came filled with some of my favorite treats. Including this:

I had never had a Farr's Cherry Cordial before. Now I know why I haven't ever lived in Idaho. Why? Because if I did, this simple little cherry bomb, would be consumed too many times by me. What's so good about it? It's like a drumstick ice cream, without the ice cream! You know, that favorite part, the chocolatey, nutty thick top of the drumstick. It's like that, then as you eat away, you'll find a cherry with that wonderful cherry-y liquid center! Farr's has found the key to my sweet heart. I love a sohisticated sweet along with the rest of you. But on occasion, you need a bit of simple childhood goodness. Farr's has been making the Cherry Cordial since 1911! They also make other candy bars like the Idaho Spud and a Mallow Nut bar, however, I think this Cherry Cordial must be their best! And I am very glad I don't live where they are readily available.

And the tin? I ate all those treats, and now I have a handy container for all my computer gadgets that I need readily available without making a mess! I have my phone charger, 2 flash drive, my camera usb cord, my iShuffle, and one hershey's kiss in the tin currently!