Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yay! Let's hear it for 2008!

A new year, a new way of doing things. Well maybe not. But I do have big plans for the Food section around here. My travels through the west, and its subsequent eating on the road, have lent itself to a new segment here at the Chronicles. Hehehe. I am going to be photographing food as I stop at some of these establishments. Sometimes you get what is pictured and then other times it would be better for them not to picture food at all on a menu because what you get and what is shown are two entirely different things!

It was brought to mind on several stops during the Christmas road trip. Acck!

One stop we made in Idaho though was really worth it. Big Juds is in the heart of Archer, Idaho.

Big Juds

It's a small unassuming space right off the main drag. That and a blink and you've missed downtown Archer. Big Juds Country Diner comes highly recommended though. You see, Big Jud was tired of going places and getting sub-standard hamburgers and decided to give it a try. He opened his own shop in 1993 and the rest is history. They have three locations, the home base in Archer a location in Ashton and also in Boise. So if you are ever in town, stop by the food is great!

We ordered the --- and just take a l0ook at that burger! It is a huge buirger with all the right trimmings! Cooked through, and served with the best cheddar cheese around. Non of that processed cheese junk here. The buns are baked by a local grocery store bakery, Broulims, and supplied just for them.

That's a burger!

Cut once

Ready to eat

It also came with country cut fries:

Idaho Spuds

They also offer you your choice of ketchup or fry sauce. Fry sauce for us all the way!
Fry sauce or ketchup?

Other menu items are grilled cheese, chicken strips, a fish dinner and the largest variety of burgers ever! From Jalapeno to blue cheese, there is bound to be a flavor to please everyone with you. Desserts you can choose from a selection of ice cream treats. Big Juds caters for parties too! Check them out. You won't be disappointed. Unless of course, you try to go on a Sunday. Big Juds is closed on Sundays, just like the rest of Idaho!

Big Juds didn't have pictures on their menu. I don't that you'd have been disappointed with them if they did though. I heard about Big Juds from the family, and a few friends, they've never been disappointed and neither were we.