Thursday, January 03, 2008

Squealed with delight I tell ya!

Yes, that is how my Christmas went! Everyone who loves me gave me some form of chocolate! Every stop we made there was chocolate! I got all kinds of neat chocolate treats and new things to try! My favorite so far, mostly because the other person here doesn't like it, is a new flavor of a Lindt bar I haven't tasted before. It is their Holiday Spice Bar. MmmmmmMMMMMmmmmm! It is infused with cinnamon and coriander. Very interesting combination.

But then I got a present that gave me goosebumps just by holding it in my hot little hands. I have had this book on my wish list forever. Well, maybe not forever, but as long as I knew it was being published...

Fine Chocolates by Jean Pierre Wybauw. Swoon! Goosebumps! Squeals of delight! This is definitely the best present ever. I will begin sitting at the feet of Monsieur Wybauw and learning what he is willing to share. He is a master chocolatier and I am so grateful to own this book! I will share my triumphs, and save you from the trials along the way.

But that was not all! I also got a copy of Peter Grewling's newest book published in conjunction with the CIA. It is a text book being used at the CIA and will act as a second for my learning process. Woohoo! Chocolatier in the making here. This is going to be fun, and a lot of hard work.