Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shangri-La update

Things seem to be working. I have been doing the fructose/sucrose method. My husband, the big guy, has been doing the oil method. The big guy has been on this for two weeks. As stated before, we do not own a scale, therefore you won't see a pound by pound delineation. He has in two weeks time tightened his belt one hole. That is about an inch and a half gap on the belt.

I am experiencing the lack of cravings. I have little appetite and find myself not thinking about the next meal. This is a phenomenon for me as I usually wondered what I'd eat next. This is a new aspect of eating for me. It has also put "good food" in the forefront. Snacking is out because if I do wish to eat something it is something of value, not junk. Why waste calories on junk? That isn't to say I haven't had a good piece of semi-sweet chocolate and a pecan. I have. Just not a huge amount.

Seth Roberts has said you can eat whatever you want on this diet. I am amazed. You just won't feel like eating a lot of anything. Suddenly I can see myself able to eat anything. Except of course avocados. I'll never eat those. You see I am not a native Californian so it's not required of me. ;-)