Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shangri-La beginnings

So far so good. Lisa asked me to give some details about how it's going.

Well the first few days went well. I didn't have problems with hunger and really had to think about eating. Friday evening I took home a mini cake (cause it was a day old and time to toss it) so I had dinner and then thought to eat the cake. Mind you the cake is about three inches around kindof like an overgrown muffin and frosted in buttercream. I ate about half of it and didn't want the rest. It just didn't taste all that good. Usually I'll eat one and not even think about possibly downing another later. I actually tossed it in the trash.

Yesterday I read that taking the sucrose (table sugar) can cause sugar spikes, unlike the fructose that doesn't. I have fructose on the shelf here at the house so decided to give it a try. Fructose didn't work very well with me. I got hungry and in the late afternoon, the cravings returned. Not good. I had a left-over angel food cake from a RS function, and had two slices. Not good. So today we're all about the sucrose. I had three tablespoons in water at 9 this morning and at 12:30 had to remind myself to eat lunch. I had a small chicken enchilda for lunch with water. I find myself not "tasting" at the bakery.

Today was a full baking day. I baked chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies with nuts, cherry and apple turnovers, and cinnamon rolls without nary a nibble. Who can resist a warm chocolate chip cookie with pecans??? Me!
It feels really good to be able to just walk away from those urges.

My husband has been drinking three tablespoons of extra light olive oil twice a day for three weeks. Other than an occasional bout of nausea (which can happen with oil) he is doing fine. This is a guy who contracted type 2 diabetes due to severe stress in his job. (don't believe it was stress? - try sitting with 1500 dying people and their families in the ER over the course of ten years and tell me differently) He has done a lot of stress eating and now cannot finish a regular sized steak. He has done extremely well and has even enjoyed a new energy level.

I am not sure if it the diet but I have gone from needing about 8 hours of sleep a night to six. I am alert and ready to meet the day without feeling dragged down and have increased energy levels. That's good as this journey is going to last a while.

If you have other questions or comments please make one. I'll be glad to answer as quickly as possible. Also you can go to Dr. Roberts' site and click on forums and read what others are experiencing too.