Friday, May 12, 2006

Cake Gallery

another view
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This week was another chance to get creative. The first cake is a Dinosaur cake. The mom asked that we do "something" with dinosaurs. This was my creation in about 40 minutes this afternoon.

Talk about lack of time though. This week was an exercise in time futility. We thought we had a production schedule and then got call after call for cakes. I even got a call at 4:20 this afternoon from a lady wanting a sheet cake for her 6 year olds birthday tomorrow. We don't bake on Fridays. I told her I was sorry, that we didn't do last minute cakes. That's after doing a Batman cake yesterday afternoon at 3:30 for a party today. The difference was that the first mom was willing to take a cake I had on hand, versus the second mom that insisted her son wanted a vanilla bean flavored cake.

So the lesson here folks is, that if you want a custom cake, and not what I have on hand, call me and give me a couple of days notice. Kind of like you knew your little one was having a birthday in a few days. That is of course unless you didn't know.

The next few cakes are some we've been able to do around the Mother's day cakes we've done all week. There were a few birthday's, welcome home baby, and graduation cakes. Yep, graduation has started around the area and we're doing a ton of those too.

What fun we mortals have!

Cute cake

Welcome baby:
Go Team


And last but not least the Triple Berry Delight. It is made with three different berries and whipped cream. We fill the cake with this and customers are all over it. It is usually combined with our white cake that has just a hint of almond:
Tripple Berry

So there is a small snapshot of the week for me. What have you been up to?