Saturday, April 01, 2006

A little something in the mail!

I came home the other day to a surprise. I love surprises. Occasionally, someone special will think of you and send you something you never expect. On this day, it was my turn to receive a gift in the mail unexpectedly. My #1 daughter sent me three new books. Yay! Two wonderful books about chocolate. One is quite amusing. It's a chocolate therapy book. As my husband is the therapist in the family, it is quite fun to have a new way of analyzing my personality.

But the best of all is a book I have just recently noticed. Who could not notice it though?

Could anyone avoid the allure of hot pink? Of those beautiful stripes? And best of all it is written by Mich Turner. Her work is excellent. In the book she is willing to give away her secrets of all those wonderful cakes she has become famous for making. I am so happy to have this book in my collection. It will quickly become a dogeared, butter stained, chocolate drizzled favorite! Amazon has 21 used to pick from and at quite a price. Go buy one! Or maybe a book fairy will wander your way too!