Saturday, March 25, 2006

S'mee came for a visit

baby Shower cake
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S'mee came for a visit to the bakery on Thursday. Her husband had a conference to attend so she called and asked if she could come by and visit for the day. We replied to the affirmative and awaited her arrival.

Upon arriving she explained that she had bowed out of the desert tour to come see us instead. With that being said, we knew we had to offer something in return for her entertainment. Instead, we were the ones that we entertained.

She asked if she could help and we said we had a 6 inch white cake that needed to be iced and would she want to do that? Of course, S'mee says! So here's her first attempt at a cake in our bakery:

S'mee's first cake

Huh? The owner was amazed as was I. She was good! Then we gave her a cake on order to see what she could do. The result is the top picture. A blue cake with three little ducks on clouds or bubbles, was the request. So we told her to go for it and do what she would. Incredible. We left it in the case without boxing it for all to admire. And admired it was! Both of her cakes sold and compliments abound. Close ups of both:

Close up of work


So rule for all. When inviting S'mee for a play day, keep artistic things around to entertain her. She'll actually entertain you! Click on a picture and see the cakes in life size photos!