Sunday, October 09, 2005

In the Pink!

In the Pink
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Emily at La Dolce Vita has asked anyone and everyone over to her place! Well, actually she has asked that we join her in getting "In the Pink". October is, as many of you are already aware, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Emily has asked all food bloggers to get involved by making something pink between October 7 and 9th and post it to our blog to commenmorate this important month. This is my entry. Red Velvet Cake with pink buttercream icing. I read about this event at the last minute! So I whipped up a Red Velvet cake this morning.

Red Velvet cajke

I let it cool while I was at church. When I returned home three hours later, I made up the frosting and iced the cake very quickly. This has become the "as the sun sets on this event" tribute cake. It doesn't look all that great from an icing standpoint, but what it lacks in esthetics it makes up in taste.
It is moist and the buttercream is just like velvet. (I have learned a couple of things in the past week at the bakery!)

While I don't personally know anyone that has been affected by this horrible disease, I have read the effects of its ravages of loved ones by different people on the net. One that strikes to the heart of it is
Greg and Cheryl Hammond. I am not sure if Greg is doing a fund raiser this year or not, but stop by, read his story and be ready to have your heart wrenched.

These stories must end. We need to find a cure. We need to stop having women and men die from a disease that should be curable. We can all make a difference in one way or another - just get involved.