Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Going Postal

Going Postal
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The web never disappoints! Everyday there is something new, interesting or just downright strange to behold in this medium. Today's new find is one I found a couple of years ago and then it stopped. I am not sure why but the USPS stopped allowing us to create our own personalized stamps. Until now!

The other day I was at Yahoo for something; I'm not sure what, but I noticed a little notice. The notice said make your own personalized postage stamps! Yay the feature is back! This is one place you can go to make them: Photo Stamps. Or there are a number of other places. If you have a yahoo photos account you can get them made through Yahoo. Google the "personal postage" tag and see what you can find.

I kind of like my Scharffenberger chocolate stamps. Imagine what this will do for philatelists!

UPDATE: Over at Craft and Bake she's got the new USPS Winter Cookie Stamps! Really cute!