Sunday, October 02, 2005

Comparison Shopping

I love to shop. Well....I love to drive everyone around me crazy while I shop. Most of the fun for me, while shoping, is to make sure I am paying the lowest possible price for said item. That means uncovering every source, going from shop to shop, checking quality, distance and, if needed, returnable convenience. I rarely return anything but nowdays they have these little computers that track your shopping habits and if you return something at the same store outside of their programmed norm, they'll ban you. Great. Another little piece of irritation to deal with these days.

However, as usual, I Digress. Maybe I should change the name of the blog to I digress. Hmmm.

Comparison shopping does have its advantages. Like this morning I was cruising some favorite places on the net and came across this jem:

What?!? You can buy a log that grows Shitake mushrooms. And if you're careful it will grow them for years! They are difficult to kill and should do well with even the blackest of thumbs! Boy howdy! This one's a keeper. So I click on the link and find it at Red Envelope. While Red Envelope is a nice site, with lots of good items, I was suspect that the $38 price for said Shitake log couldn't be beat. So off I went to google for a Shitake log. Bing, we have another site! has an equally as enticing Shitake log for only $20.

My words to the wise are: Comparison Shop. Check the shipping charges, taxes and return policies before you hit send. ;-)