Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cake news!

I went in to work as usual today thinking it was going to be just another day of clean-up work. Well, to my surprise I was given a pop quiz! After doing a bit of clean-up I was given a cake round 8" and told to ice, decorate a cake. Use your imagination I was told. Do anything you want. Whoa! I wasn't prepared for this one. Yet, it was exciting to think they thought I could actually do something worthy of the front case. It was a white cake. I was told to put cookies and cream in the center. Use my imagination. Hmmm. I wouldn't have chosen cookies and cream but I did what I was told. So I decided to ice it in buttercream. I did my crumb coat and set the cake in the fridge. Now I had to think of a way to decorate it.

I went to the back to see what inspiration would come my way. I then shot up to the front to check out a few cookbooks. Then came the dreaded but very expected visitor. Hi! I'm from the county and I'm here to do an inspection. Arggh! Like I'm not already a bit stressed. We all smiled and welcomed him. Look around, get done quick, please. While he poked around and plodded over us with a fine tooth comb, I decided on a design. I began mixing my colors and stayed out of his way. We had one finding. Someone measuring powdered sugar earlier in the day had not swept up. 97.5% the highest grade he had ever given. Nice! Thank you. See ya!

Pulled my cake out of the fridge and began smoothing on the icing. This is my biggest challenge. I usually end with with way too much icing and it gets a bit difficult to regain my composure. I chose to use bright yellow, bright sky blue, and lime. I dotted the cake with all three colors randomly. Then I put all three colors in one tube, used a star tip and lined the edge and bottom of the cake with stars. The varigated colors were super! My boss said it looked super and promptly put in the case for sale. Yay! Maybe tomorrow it'll still be there and I'll be able to take a picture! If it's not there I guess that would be good too!