Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today is The Day!

Today's the day guys! It is International Blog Day! Through the inspiration of Nir Ofir
blog day as THE has been established as a day to get to know more bloggers! Why August 31? Because when you write the date 31o8 it is the closest number to configure the name blog! Time to mosey beyond your neighborhood and give up five new bloggers you've been reading or have just recently discovered. What a great way to make new friends and neighbors!

This morning I was visiting Claire's place and came across Little Birds. Well since I am a bird by name I just had to give her a nod!

Another place I found this morning while doing some disaster research I stumbled upon NOLA cuisine. Cajun/Creole cooking are favorites of mine, I'm looking forward to getting to her very well. There's nothing better than a good plate of Etouffe!

Another cooking blog I stumbled upon this morning is Knife Skills. Christine is another Chef in Training. I love reading these kinds of blogs because it helps to reinforce the fact that no one is too old or too ingrained in another profession to try something new. Good on ya Christine!

One I don't have on my links list but visit on a daily basis is one very different. Susan is an amazing Mom, wife and MUSIC LOVER! She knows more about doom metal than anyone I know her age. She has an exellent repetoire of music and takes amazing photographs. I'm staying young through Susan and also learning that appreciating metal isn't a sin! ;-)

A blog I read at least once a week is Kitchenette. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and children and I love to hear what life is like on the other side of the globe!

That's my five! I have so many others to share, maybe another post sometime.