Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things

In the spirit of getting to know you...I present my version of "A few of My Favorite Things". People often see me as too serious or to concentrated on one tunnel view. My version of the list is a light hearted view of me. So I copied this from S'mee in hopes that y'all will get a better view of the very well rounded me! This meme started (as far as I know) at Weeding the Garden. It is not a pass along meme. If you like it, copy it and post on your blog or in the comments. Remember, to sing the song as you read long and pretend your are Maria!

A Few of My Favorite Things.

Colour: Blue - any shade please. It is not reflective of my personality at all but there's nothing better than a bluebonnet in springtime!
Smell: Chocolate croissants.
Article of Clothing: A great three quarter length blouse or T. Trinny and Susannah agree.
Ice Cream: BaskinRobbins Chocolate Mint if I'm in the mood. If not Chunk Monkey please!
Fast Food Place: Sorry not a fan. Any will do if I must. But I'd rather just grab a scone from Starbucks if a sit down place isn't in the cards.
Time of the Day: 2 a.m. There is nothing better than the sound of everyone peacefully asleep but me. All is right with the world.
Laundry Detergant: Surf. Actually not a favorite, is laundry detergent supposed to be a favorite?
Song: The Trees - Rush, Sweet Addiction - Diamond Rio, With Arms Wide Open - Creed, Keep Young and Beautiful - Annie Lennox. Really there are no favorite songs because my list would be sooooo long it would be rediculous. I truly love music in all forms. I am perfectly satisfied with opera, country, bluegrass, irish, pop, rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock, and pretty much everything in between. It's why I love Kulturblog so much!
Flower: oops already gave that away! Texas Bluebonnets. (in fact my ashes will be sprinkled over the Texas Hill country where the bluebonnets grow, someday)
TV Show: Currently No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
Actor/Actress: ummm. I can tell who I can't stand easier. I do like Juliette Binoche. Actors? Tom Hanks of course.
Place to Shop: Crate and Barrel outlets. Trader Joe's or Bristol Farms for provisions.
Vacation Spot: I love my home. There is nothing better than my own bed. I do love day tripping though.
Dream Car: I own it - Mini Cooper
Movie: Empire of the Sun
Restaurant: Do I have to choose? It really depends on the mood I'm in, but for everyday faire I'd choose Con Pane, A Rustic Bakery in Pt. Loma. Dining: Anywhere I can get an excellent steak.
Theme Park: Knott's Berry Farm
Animal: Harley - the best grey tabby to ever live. Did someone say turkey?
Day of the Week: Saturday California freeways are more kind on Saturday
Do you collect anything?: Cookbooks, memories
Favorite Hobby: Food & Photography
Place I want to travel that I have never been: Ireland
Something I want to do before I die: Actually become a certified helicopter pilot
Favorite Snack Food: Chocolate in small bites. Bugles! Junior Mints.
Favorite Meal: Thanksgiving dinner. Just the smell of turkey and gravy and dressing and the memories those smells emit are wonderful.

Okay now off on your way. Add to the list to suit you and let us know when your list is ready!