Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ethos Water

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I went on a road trip this week to Utah. We stopped at Starbucks our second day out. The first thing I noticed while ordering my chocolate cream frappuccino was the bottle. What bottle? The Ethos water bottle. There it was in all its blue and black splendor. Later in the week while checking my email I noticed a note from Johnathon and Peter. They wanted me to know I could pick up Ethos at Starbucks too.

Soooooo. All of you out there not quite knowing what to do about world food and water crises, I've got one solution for you. It's very simple. You can buy some Ethos Water. The whole purpose of buying a bottle is to get Starbucks (and other retailers) to make a donation to Ethos when you buy the water. The money is then spent building wells in third world nations where potable drinking water is not readily available. At Starbucks a bottle is about $1.80. That's a lot for a bottle of water, but not a lot to provide water for a thirsty nation.