Friday, March 25, 2005

Food or Bait?

This evening we were in San Diego. We stopped at a tackle store to take a look at some lures for the Big guy. I step away because I'm suddenly getting the urge to buy a license and go rent a boat so I can sit all day in the hot sun and hope something bites the end of my line.....not.

I am bored and am walking around looking at stuff trying to look interested. Something catches my eye, here's how the conversation went:

Me: Wow! Live crawdads! Mmmmm. Dinner?

Guy in line: No, breakfast! heh heh.

Me: Well, I could cooked you up a really good serving of Etouffe' for ya if you'd like. :-)

Guy in line: ha ha, let me see if I can get a fish to take the bait first. If not I'll give you a call!

I think I found a new catering gig! LOL, I'm also wondering if these little guys are cheaper here than at the fish market.