Thursday, October 09, 2008

George Bush killed my Mother's

Mother's logoIt is a sad day in cookie land. The maker of Archway and Mother's cookies has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the wake of rising food and fuel costs and plans to end its U.S. operations.

I am in mourning. Remember back when gas prices were soaring out of control and some politician made reference to "Gas prices are how much???!!??". Yeah, I blame George Bush and his circle of oilmen for this one.

Mother's Cookies was my cookie company of choice if I wasn't baking. They were always good. Mr. Wheatley knew a good thing when he tasted that first vanilla cookie back in 1914. He grew the company into a fine cookie company through the years. Now, oil has killed them. It's a sad commentary. But truly, when a company has assets of $50 million and debts of $500 million, something, somewhere is going to give. Fuel costs contributed to the rise in flour and sugar costs, then fuel on its own did a great job too.

So what to do? Go buy all the packages you can and put them in the freezer!
Animal Cookies

You're going to miss these!
Animal Cookies