Sunday, June 01, 2008

Oh my. This should be interesting.

I got a call from the first daughter the other day. Did I know how to make a gluten/dairy/soy free cake? I asked her did she need a recipe? Oh no, I don't need a recipe. But you will. Huh?

It seems she has a friend who is getting married in June. Her baker backed out at the last minute. Now she needs a wedding cake. But, it has to be gluten free, soy free and dairy free. Could I help her? Well, possibly. I think I could. Let me talk to her. Then I read the emails back and forth and see the 1st daughter has told her how wonderful I am and that i could probably do her cake. How could I turn the poor bride down?

It's not all that bad. I need to find a good recipe for a lemon cake. I think I have one, but if you have one that meets the above requirements, let me know! It will be two tiers, with swirls. Yep I get to practice swirls! In red no less. Interesting. This week should be fun, practicing and all for her appointment next Monday for a tasting.

Hmmm. New opportunities abound! Any suggestions for soy free would be appreciated! I've got gluten free down, and dairy free I think.