Tuesday, June 10, 2008


That is how I would describe the search for the perfect wedding cake for my little bride who cannot partake of gluten, soy or dairy. Yep. All three. I don't even want to think of having to transition to this lifestyle permanently. I give huge high fives to all of you that do this on a daily basis. I have tried a dozen recipes, a dozen different anti-gluten flour combos and searched for the holy grail of shortening. It does exist, yet is difficult for suburbanites to find.

I gave the bride three choices.

One was a mix by Arrowhead Mills. We tried it ourselves and the husband and I decided it was way too grainy. The rice flour was not pulverized and had little grains of rice still in it. (I thought why not use cooked rice?) Each cake was filled with seedless raspberry jam. The bride said I did good. It was how all of her cakes were. I mentioned that this was a cake that maybe she would eat, but she also had to keep in mind her guests. She said, yes she knew her brother wouldn't eat any at all of this one. This one had a marshmallow fondant, not unlike other fondants that get to tasting like sweet modeling clay.

Second was the highly recommended "Banana Lemon Loaf Cake". It was the favorite of the many cakes we tried. It tasted like banana bread. Nothing more, nothing less. Very moist too. It is made with almond flour (ground almonds) and bananas and egss. Oh and lots of sugar and a hint of lemons. The bride and her fiancee we pleased with it, but still not convinced that this would be their choice. It did taste lemony, yet banana-y too. It had a "buttercream" frosting made with Spectrum shortening. A simple mixture of confectioners sugar, water vanilla and shortening.

Third was my choice. I chose to make a Pavlova. It is a basic meringue, sandwiched together with lemon curd (minus the butter - didn't miss it) and fresh raspberries. We like Pavlovas here at home and thought this classic Australian wedding cake would be a good alternative, especially for a June wedding. The bride liked it a lot. The groom, possibly not as much. I explained that most of their guests would love it, and eat it. That hardly anyone had a problem with a Pavlova, they and their guests would be more than happy.

Which did they choose? The fondant covered anti-gluten cake? The banana lemon loaf/cake with "buttercream" frosting or the fabulous Pavlova (you can see where I was leaning)? Well, they chose the banana/lemony buttercream frosted cake. It will be frosted with white and then add dark red swirls and red pearl edging. And the raspberry filling. I'll post the recipe of both when I get a chance.

Like they say, as long as the bride is happy. And she was, evidently she went on a forum that she frequents and raved about the cake choice. (someone who I know goes there too, not me) I am the cake version of William Wallace at this point possibly.