Monday, September 18, 2006

Another part of the kitchen

We all read and publish food blogs because we like cooking or at least to aspire to like cooking, or just baking. It's not always the chopping, slicing, dicing. Or even the baking, sauteing, or braising. Those things are fun, and there are some very talented people from which to learn these things. What I'm talking about today is the other part of being interested in food, the gadgets and the tools and the pretty stuff that makes the table look nice.

Part of the fun of familiarizing yourself with the kitchen is the STUFF! Everyone has their favorite thing to use and can't live without it. Mine is my cuisinart. Ever since Flo Braker, whom I'll praise with my last breath, introduced me to the art of perfect pastry crust using a Cuisinart, I can't live without my essential cooking tool.

But you know what? Every now and then, you just have to buy something to brighten up your space. It doesn't have to be new, per se, but something new for you. Where has this come from? Well, in the past three days, I've received just a few catalogs in the mail. It must be buying season.

What I've found that I like are some of these. I don't drink but the glasses look so nice! Or possibly these, aren't they divine! I have a huge cloche that these would be perfect with. These aren't something for decor, but It would be so nice to have these with the holidays coming soon! It makes baking so much easier!
I picked up one of these on vacation and I can't believe I lived this long without one! I paid full price! Go and buy one on sale! Can you imagine the stockings you could stuff with these! Everyone will thank you.

So what fun new stuff are you looking to add to your kitchen?