Thursday, August 17, 2006

Something to watch for at the grocers

AdAge Daily is all a buzz with the revolutionary choice Kroger's has taken this morning. Advertising is at an all time low as far as televsion is concerned. With the advent of TIVO, more and more of us are blitzing through the commercials and skipping the possibility of being wooed by the ads.

What's a product vendor to do? Well, get ready. They've figured out where the captive audience is. It's at the check-out line. You know that foot wide, black belt each of us places our items on prior to paying for them? Yes, that's where the ads are going to be. Rocket scientists I tell you! the average grocer has 10 check out lines. Each with a four foot belt that rotates for customers to place their groceries on. It can't miss. Watch for the commercials at your store soon.

First the grocery cart, now the check-out belt. I understand the commercial on the cart. That, to me, makes sense. While a person is strolling about, they're reminded of certain items they made need. There are also new smart carts, that have a chip in them and can tell where you are in the store and runs an ad appropriate to the department. (wow, I'm sure that's not expensive) However, is the ad at the end of your shopping experience really going to get you to go back and fight the clogged aisles again? I think not.