Monday, August 14, 2006

Food, food, and more food

Rib Eye
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Here are just a few shots of some of the things that were consumed on our trip. The pics do not include the various snacks along the way that included scharffenberger chocolate, trail mix, dried pineapple and cashews.

Prime Rib end cut

Golden Scone

New York Strip

Coconut Snapper without Mango

Shrimp Pasta

More Mango Salsa

Cajun catfish

Mushroom Crostini

I didn't take pictures of half of what was eaten, and the best meals were consumed with no pics at all. I am not paying attention enough to take photos at breakfast usually. I also didn't take photos of the bad stuff we ate.

The last place we stopped was the best. We shared a piece of cake with our two year old granddaughter. She was worth every mile of driving.

Happy Birthday Little Miss