Saturday, August 05, 2006

Great News!

After a long bout away from the blogging world, I begin to read my favorites. Check sis's blog, nothing new. But then again, she's been out of town too! Check Lisa's place new stuff, great! Check Susan's and her kids joined me in Utah, didn't see them specifically, but they were in the crowds I saw. ;-)

Then went over to Kim's and saw all kinds of great inspirations! Now on to Meggiecat's and she had some great links for stuff I want to make for the granddaughter. Thanks, Kathy!

Dropped by Shuna's place and was again inspired to get back to food. And of course, who could forget Grommie? I'm stealing that cake idea!

Then I stumbled upon the best news yet, my favorite blogger, the first bookmark on my culiblog tab, Waiter Rant has good news.
He's landed a book deal! It is the best news!

I've been reading him and The Trickster since I first became interested in blogs. They are both excellent writers. Each has inspired me to keep working hard and learn all I can.

What drew me to the Waiter is his ability to see farther into the person he serves than most people are able. You see, he has a background in the seminary and in psych. Two of my favorite subjects, mix them with food and you have a trifecta! His wit and wisdom and glaring spot-on analysis of the game is undeniably book worthy. I wish him the best. Go buy a book when it comes out. Help a poor waiter earn his keep will ya?