Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Walk down Memory Lane - the 23rd Meme

I've been tagged! Ms. Inspriation, Shuna, of Eggbeater, has tagged me for The 23rd, a Meme! I checked back several generations from her and still was not able to find its originator. I found, however, that it did not begin in land of foodbloggers. The gist of the meme is...

Go to your 23rd post ever. Find the fifth line in the meme. Ponder its meaning and talk about it here. Simple. Hopefully, you have a 23rd post and the 5th line isn't something like: Not. That would be a tough one to ponder. I digress. And then pass this along to five of your favorite bloggers.

So we're off to memory land folks! From my 23rd post: Comfort Food. Fifth line: Comfort food invokes a sense of well being.

Ah, comfort food! It can be the simplest of fare; Or a complex meal shared with friends. Comfort food invokes memories so salient you can almost taste the food of which you speak. Mine - hmmm.... it depends on the time of year. Usually, for me comfort food includes gravy of sauce. You know, turkey and gravy over rice, chicken jerusalum with linguine. Howwever, if, and only if, I had to choose my very favorite of all time it would be something like this:

Lemon Coconut

Yes, white cake with lemon coconut glaze. You see, when I was but a wee girl, I would go to stay with grandma for two weeks in the summertime. She was quite a lady. Very persickety, yet having some sense of her self around the kitchen. She made wonderful things like goulash and sand dollar cookies filled with medjool dates. My favorite was the cake. You would be given a small sliver after dinner. It melted in your mouth with the most wonderful lemony flavor. The coconut had you dreaming of wonderful far away places where children played all day at the beach. Hmmm. Did I not play all day at the beach??? Well, the best part of the story is a best kept secret between grandma and each of her grandkids. If, by chance you, were to suffer the darkest and awful nightmares in the night a wonderful surprise was waiting for you. Grandma felt the best way to rid yourself of horrible scenes was to fill it with something sweet. Yep, that wonderful lemon coconut cake would do the trick. Not a simple sliver either. It was a nice fat piece to chase away the meanies - how could meanies exist in all that lemony goodness?

My grandmother was always concerned about me and the constant barrage of bad dreams I suffered with while staying at her house.

Tag! Your it! Amira because she always has something international to talk about.
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William is new to me. He has a great blog "never trust a skinny chef". I have just discovered his blog and would love to see an earlier post!
Last but certainly not least I'm going to pick on Dex of Feeding Dexygus Seconds. I know you're moving girl, we'll wait for your post when you get settled in your new place in Austin! (just the best place in the world to have to live!)