Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cupcake Crazy!

cherry cupcake
It seems we all have a love for these sweet little treats! Everyone is writing about cupcakes lately. I mentioned the cute ones in the MarthaStewart Kids this month (go get a copy!) and S'mee ran right out and got a copy. She has the cutest cupcakes posted today! I will be doing my own rendition of the same cupcakes next Saturday and will post my results.

A couple of other places I go to see great ideas for cupcakes are:

All cupcakes, all the time Rachel and the gang were my forst foray into the online cupcake world.

52 Cupcakes 52 cupcakes! Yep 52 and the journey to discover them week by week.

Not really just cupcakes but Cake Fun still a very fun cake site! I love all the cakes and fun frosting things!

There are also the commercial bakeries like Sprinkle's and Leda's that are local for us SoCal residents.

Do you have a cupcake site I've missed if so leave a link in the comments and I'll add it to the list!