Wednesday, September 07, 2005

em and emmms

While I was doing the marketing (grocery shopping-does anyone else call it marketing? I always have) the other day I was browsing the isle and noticed something new. Giant m&ms! The wrapper extolled the virtue of these new GIANT size of these little chocolatey morsels. Of course I had to purchase them to see if there really was a difference in size?!.


This is a picture I took of the regular m&ms. Their colors are vibrant and inviting. Still, I do miss the colors of long ago - especially tan. Sigh.

This picture gives you a view of both sizes. As you can see the smaller (regular size) is much more colorful. The Giant sized ones come in more muted colors and are not screaming to be consumed. Well, I'm sure they'll still get consumed but... I do like the designer look to the colors though.

What an assortment

At first bite I wasn't sure they were all that much bigger. So I thought we'd have to do the pictoral comparison to really illustrate the difference. You can really see they are larger, however, I am still not convinced I'd choose to call them Giants. Do any of you remember the Giant Jawbreakers of old?

Upclose comparison

All in all I am sure they'll sell as a marketing novelty for a time. If you are impressed with them, stock up, I don't think they'll be around forever!

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