Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grow a garden, go to jail

Monsanto will never stop being evil. I know most of my readers could care less about Monsanto and its evil empire, but I do and I will continue to ring this bell over and over. If you need someone to bail you out, I may not be available, as I will be talking to a legislator about how bad things have gotten here in the good old U.S.

There is a bill that has been introduced in congress, authored by none other than Rosa DeLauro, whose husband just happens to be Stanley Greenburg - a Monsanto employee. HR875 is called the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. It is filled with verbiage that will make it illegal for ordinary citizens to grow their own food. YES! That is what it says! And it will be punishable in fines for up to $1,000,000. We'll bail out wall street, insurance companies and the like, but allow a lowly taxpayers to grow their own food, we'll have none of that here!

The full language of the bill can be read here. Hat tip: Friends Eat My farmer friends say the government will never be so efficient as to be able to enforce the regulations. That is true, however, I am not sure I want to even allow them to try. This affects our ability to have a small farm for our retirement. I do not want to have to register with the government to grow fruits and vegetable for our and our neighbors enjoyment. I want my government to be far away from me. I'll pay my taxes and do what is right, I just don't want them siezing my farm someday because I'm not using Monsanto seeds.

The bill is being buried in other legislative processes and we have about two weeks to do anything to stop it from becoming a law. (No we don't live in a socialist country, yet.)