Friday, September 19, 2008

Spritz Cookies

I knew there was a way I could help! When good women hear of trouble in a family, or a new family has moved into the area, or someone is having a celebration or a down day or possibly any other reason to bake, we do just that. We may not know the people, or how to lend a hand, or maybe even feel a bit helpless. So we do what any good baker does, bake up a batch of our favorite cookies and cover them with saran wrap and toodle on over with a plate full of love. You've read about the Nielsen family and wanted to help. You can help me help the Nielsen family! If you are not familiar with their story, click on the "about Nie" section of the page.

Landra Lynn has had her thinking cap on for a couple of weeks. Landra has decided to host a fundraiser - The Great NieNie Cookie Sale. She needs the help of a few good bakers and a few good cookie monsters. I fit in both categories, but this time I have chosen to be a part of the baking team!

My spritz cookies are the best cookies ever. You can tell from the picture how those sweet buttery quasi soft cookies draw you in just begging to be eaten. I am going to be baking my heart out, getting them ready for anyone who wants them.

What you need to do. Bid - be my cookie monster! Landra will list all of the cookies (and their bakers) on her site on Monday September 22nd! Yes, that's next Monday! You choose a cookie and bid. Bids begin at $20, yes this is a fundraiser. You are bidding on a dozen cookies.
For those of you who choose to bid on my cookies know that my dozen is a Robyn's dozen! You'll actually receive 2 dozen of my buttery, crispy-soft, sweet morsels of delight! Yes, a bid for one dozen gets you two!

Please mark you calender and bid with me to help this family! If you haven't read yet this morning. Christian is awake and has gone to see Stephanie in her room! He talked with her (even though she was still not awake) and prayed with her. What wonderful news!