Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black Licorice and Orange Sherbet

Not your likely combination, unless you're talking about Grandpa memories. The peanut butter and butter post evoked some memories for Carrie, her memories sparked some of my own. She is going to get back to me on a few recipes she loves but until then...

her best memory of her grandad was black licorice. In her comments she said "
As for my Grandpa, who has been gone for 7 years (and must thrilled to have Grandma with him now): black licorice. My kids think its disgusting. I love it." I'm the same way with Orange sherbet ice cream. I cannot drive by a Thrifty's Drug store (a rare site indeed) or see a scoop of sherbet without thinking of grandpa.

We would visit my grandparents each summer, for two weeks. Grandpa had little to do with the girls, he took my brother under his wing and spent the majority of time with him each day. Even still, not an afternoon went by that we didn't walk down to the local drug store and get a 5 cent cone of orange sherbet. No other flavor would do. We'd walk down Horne street in Oceanside a couple of blocks, buy an ice cream and walk back home. We'd point out neat stuff like magnolia seed pods and bird feathers and talk with grandpa. I'll have to tell you about the bird courts someday.