Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dreams do come true, with a little hard work!

After many years of hoping, working, wishing and experimenting, I can finally say I have fulfilled a dream. For a couple of years I have been making cake mixes on a small scale and selling them to a couple of specialty food stores. It has been a small scale operation and hoped to launch it on a larger scale some day. Well, I answered an ad on Craiglist and maybe, just maybe that dream will become a reality.

I have spoken with a lady who has her own pasta company. She has been making and selling pasta on a small scale also. She is dreaming big now though! She works in conjunction with a farmer's market nearby, and has had her thinking cap on lately. She has signed a lease, is in the build out stage of her own specialty foods store! One that will feature local only foods. She is keeping her radius to a 100 mile radius to support the local Slow Food group and is looking for vendors to join her. This gave me an impetus to work harder and actually launch my cake and baking mixes on a larger scale!

I asked my sister, and she answered yes, to help design new packaging with me. We developed a great story and drew from our childhood. I am so looking forward to working with Jordan, her store and many other specialty foods stores in the future.

Here's a peek at the new line:

and the new logo for Over the River and Through the Woods... baking company:

Each mix is made with the commitment to the use of organic, if possible, and definitely non-GMO products (non genetically altered) for these mixes. Our logo sprang forth when my sis and I discussed being at gramma's house. She always had her Red Riding Hood cookie jar filled with wonderful treats. Watch for me on Etsy too!