Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20th Macaron Day!

Yes, the day has arrived. I will be in the kitchen perfecting macarons today. I'll be back later with pictures! If you live in the big city you may be able to pick up a few. If you, like me, live in far away places that don't even know what a macaron is, get busy! Go in to your kitchen and bake some up!

Recipes: here, here and in several cookbooks! There is also the link to eGullet I gave you in the last post leading up to Macaron Day.

Me and Pierre Herme´ are tres sympatico baby! The macarons turned out sooooo good! I cannot believe I have put off making these for fear of not getting them right. Woohoo! I'll put up photos as soon as the hard drive I ordered arrives. My hard drive is full and cannot take another byte! I guess 10,800 pictures are a lot!