Thursday, August 23, 2007

Peche Melba

Peche Melba, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

When I was a senior in high school I was voted president of the french club. I loved it. For our first soiree, I served a Peche Melba because it was the only french dessert I knew how to make! I then learned how to make others but for a summer dessert nothing beats this dish. I am also going to use this post as my entry for Sugar High Friday. Johanna, of The Passionate Cook is hosting the 34th edition of Sugar High Friday. She has asked us to use a local favorite. Well, the local favorite is actually apricots, but the second favorite for the valley was once peaches. That was before all the farmers sold out to housing developments. Sigh. However, as I said, this has been a fave since high school and considering that was quite a bit ago, I'd consider it worthy. I have to also thank Johanna for hosting this month!

While we enjoyed this after our dinner this evening, I swooned. The flavor balance was perfect.

So how can you swoon? Simple. Poach the peaches as I've shown you below. Then, if you can get them, purchase a pint of fresh raspberries. I couldn't find them today in this berg, so I purchased some of Wild Oats organic frozen berries and allowed them to thaw. Then in they went to the blender:

raspberry coulis

I added just a tablespoon of sugar (with fresh berries forego the sugar) and puree them. Then put them in a sieve (the smallest mesh you have)

Pureed raspberries

This will keep the seeds from driving you crazy in the middle of the night. It will also help you convince dear aunt myrtle that she too can enjoy this wonderful concoction!

Raspberry coulis sieved (is that beautiful or what?)

Once you have it ready, you take one peach half, one scoop of BGH free Vanilla ice cream, and the raspberry sauce. Put it on one of your fancy plates. It'll make it even better.

Sit back and swoon! My husband said "feed it to your husband, you'll get anything you want afterward!"