Friday, August 31, 2007

Lemon Souffle

Lemon Souffle, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

I decided to be part of Sugar High Friday this month after a long absence. You can see my post about peaches below. However, Johanna's recipe was irresistible!

Johanna made what she calls Salzburger Nockerl. You see, this month's entry was to be about a local favorite. Johanna is from Austria. I could not resist her entry. So I decided to make it last night for dessert.

I over cooked mine! Arrgh! You can tell by the finished product it is over cooked. You see, I do not have souffle cups! Of all things I can find in my kitchen, there are no individual souffle cups. I will go get some and try this dessert again. It, even overcooked, was light, airy and delicious. It is a perfect choice for a hot summer's eve.

I used seedless boysenberry jam. Spoon it out of the jar, and then microwave it for about 30-45 seconds. Give it a stir and it is nice and smooth.

Also, Johanna's recipe in metrics. If you need to convert it, go to Chocolate and Zucchini, Clothilde has a lovely conversion tool on her left sidebar. Just click on conversion and you'll be able to figure how to change the recipe to meet your needs. Or just use your scale!