Tuesday, June 19, 2007

They've found GMO Rice now

The Arkansas Democratic Gazette is reporting about GMO rice being grown in the state. AN investigation is ongoing by the Arkansas Rice Growers Association due to the fact that the GMA rice being grown is being done in secret. The association is demanding to know the location of the GMO crops in order to insure their crops are not contaminated.
The do not want a repeat of the Canola cross pollination contamination problems encountered by farmers all over the north American continent.

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The rice is contaminating natural fields and endangering rice fields that have been planted for years. It is a huge mess and Bayer is not being held responsible. To quote from the article: "The Arkansas Plant Board reportedly found out about the planting by filing a Freedom of Information Act request after rumors about the planting began to circulate. Bill Freese, Science Policy Analyst for the Center for Food Safety was quoted as saying “After all that’s happened, it’s unbelievable that the state would give Bayer another chance to contaminate Arkansas rice."