Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monsanto - stay away from my milk!

Monsanto has now seen the need to get involved in the dairy industry. They are pressuring the government to limit their authority when it comes to labeling standards of milk. Everyone know that you should avoid rBGH in milk. However, Monsanto says consumers are confused at the labels that state the milk contains "no rBGH" and that the labeling should stop. Why?

Well, because major dairies are ceasing the use of the chemical and stating they no longer add it to their milk. It is known to harm cows and we have no idea of its effe t on the human body. However, Monsanto makes the growth hormone known to the industry as Prosilac. Hah. Now there's your reason. Sales are down. If you limit a dairy's ability to tell the public they no longer use it, maybe they'll go back to using. I guess that is what Monsanto is thinking. What they're saying is that the labeling, as it currently stands, is confusing to consumers. Have you been confused?

This is yet another attack on a consumer's right to know. It is time we all sent a message that the FDA represents the well being of the American people, not Monsanto.