Friday, April 13, 2007

This is real chocolate

I picked this up at a Whole Foods in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yes, I had to go all the way there to find the El Rey brand. It is the finest Venezuela brand with which I am familiar. I picked up a small sample of each, and brought them home. Then I sliced the up and ate them.

The milk chocolate was the Caoba milk. It had a real fruity flavor. Almost as if it had been infused with prunes or very ripe raisins. I enjoyed it, it was not too sweet. The Caoba is 41% cocoa butter. It is made with dried or skim milk solids. That helps me understand the lack of creaminess for me. Still, I enjoyed the chocolate. It was chocolate!

The semi-sweet was their Bucare. It was a 58% cocoa butter dark. It wasn't my favorite dark, but I wouldn't turn it away. All in all both were worthy of a second purchase.

The El Rey was at a disadvantage in the tasting realm. I also had purchased some of the new Lindt 70% chocolate infused with Pear. Wowzer. That one will be a regular on my shelf!