Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why is Europe more forward on food?

Is it because we're so large? Or is it because the media has been hijacked by special interests? It's very frustrating to see the complacency of Americans. We are so fortunate, so wealthy, so educated and yet allow horrible things to be manufactured as food. We sit back and watch our culture get heavier and heavier yet just cannot seem to get out of our own ways.

What brought this on? An article in the Telegraph speaking about Foie Gras. They have chosen a different path than the legal world. We here in America, our solution, is always the court system. If we can't convince someone with a good solid explanation we'll force them to our side by allowing the courts to decide. It's silly.

The UK has decided a different approach. Instead of force feeding them, they allow the birds to overfeed themselves in anticipation of the long winter months. This is quite a solution. Very simple solution. It is limited in quantity and of course because of this, it is more expensive. It is still the ethical choice for foie gras lovers. Why didn't all of our combined educated minds think of it here in the states.

We could learn a thing or two I believe.