Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The post where I'm the hypocrite

You see though, I am not really the problem here. These little boxes of cookies were not my doing. They came by way of the husband, the big guy. Yep all his fault. A co-worker's granddaughter needed a bit of a lift, grandma conceded and took the list to work. The big guy being the generous guy he is, order way more than he should have, and brought them all home to me. Enclosed was a note that made it all better though. It was a note of thanks, due to the big guy's and others' generosity the girls earned a trip to Roar and Snore. Wow. I am eating cookies so a little girl can sleep with wild animals at the best zoo in the world. Think of the great memories. Yes. I think I can be that kind of a hypocrite.