Sunday, July 16, 2006

Can we get a little dirt over here?

Moving rocks.JPG
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This week was a slow week at the bakery. It has been so hot that no one is thinking sweets. We've sold sweets all week but not the usual volume of cakes and cookies and brownies etc.

So we took some time with a few cakes and really did them well. This cake was a collaborative effort. We all had a say in how the trucks and signes would be used. You see the cake was to be done by the owner. She is very prim and proper and everything has a place and should not be deviated from the plan. Her cake started out very simple and not very "full". S'mee was visiting and as always she gave me the courage to speak up to effect changes.

So in came the rock, the dump truck bed filled with "sand" and the fondant rock filled truck. It really became a little boys dream cake:


Bob oh boy.JPG

You should see the wedding cake S'mee did! I'll post it in a bit.