Friday, February 24, 2006

Cross over to the HOT side

Years ago, sometime early in the 1990s we decided to take a trip to Albuqurque for a family outing. We piled the girls in the car and set off to go to the Fiery Foods Show. We had a small cajun grocery store we ran and wanted to see what was new and exciting in the fiery foods arena. The driv e was beautiful. WE had never been through Flagstaff before and the snow was a wonder to see in the deserts of Arizona.

The show was such a blast. We met some very nice people and tasted some very spicy sauces, mixes, rubs, and all things HOT! The girls had a great time seeing their Mom appear so business-like and talking about food. It was a great trip, until I stumbled upon a new guy embracing the hot sauce business by storm. Firestorm I mean.

Dave's Insanity Sauce was the hottest new sauce at the show. I am not a light wieght in the hot sauce circle so I thought, sure I'll try it, I can eat at the grown up table. Well, one small taste of his sauce, and I met my maker. Yes, the show became known from there forward, as the show mom where mom died. Albuqurque is now referred to as the city where I died once. The sauce, this insanity sauce, lived up to its name. Anyone willing to try it definitely was insane. I was insane. It was so hot and spicy that it made grown men writhe in pain and cry actual tears. Me? I just wanted a glass of milk. Please, a glass of milk anyone? No we got some beer! Well, I'm not a beer drinker. It became quite a scene for the girls. Seeing mom, desparate to get some form of milk in her (you see milk counteracts the pain of capsaicin), even to the point of begging a woman for her baby's formula! She was desparate.

I never again fed at the trough of Dave's Insanity. I did however, buy his other products. And at thios most recently passed Fancy Foods Show he introduced a sauce I can recommend to you! It won't make you cry, but it just may help you be a better gardener. Many people have commented that they are planting a agrden this year. Well, Dave's going to help you out! He has developed a brand new product he calls his Adjustable Heat Sauce. It's a spray on product that you can spray as little or as much as you want to use and set your own heat level. Great! How does it help be a better gardener? Well, he recommends you take it to the garden and spray your plants with it too! It's a multi-purpose spray. We all know bugs don't like hot sauce. They will not eat plants that are sprayed with them. And isn't it better to give the plants a natural heat spray then that diazinon? Yep. give it a try. I know I'm going to use the spray.