Monday, February 20, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

My blogging is suffering. My cooking is suffering. My yard is suffering. My career? Not suffering. I have been working a lot lately. Just this past week I was made the manager of the bakeshop. Weeeeee! It will mean more hours to attend to business and less to attend to other things. I will take a bit of time to adjust and then all should fall in line and things will be back to normal.

That's the hard part about not working full time for me. I find rather than staying on task and getting things done, I feel I can let things slide and have a "oh I can do that later" mentality. It is the worst part of me. It's why I hated being a broker. I found that if on the first dya of the month I made enough money to spend and pay obligations I just didn't work all that hard the rest of the month. You see, I am not money driven. I recognize that. I am task oriented. So working full time again will bring me back into the fold of getting things done-land. Yay.

I am excited to begin my new role soon. I was talking to a regular customer on Thursday and he asked if this was what I would classify as my dream job. I told him yes. If I can't yet have my own production facility - which is in the works - I'll be glad to run the bakery for a while. He also started off working at the same chain grocery store years and years ago (I didn't know him then) and his dream job would be to work at a boutique grocer like Trader Joe's. I told him I completely understood.

In fact, I think there are a lot of us, second or third career people that are opting for the dream job now. We;ve done the I need this job for the money, prestige, career advancement thing. We're now looking for satisfaction. I am working for the money. Don't get me wrong. We paid for three weddings in four years. Yes, there's some debt there we need to pay off. However, this does not pay anywhere near what my job at the food processing plant paid, not even close. The trade off of doing something I truly love, with people I really care about makes up for the loss in money. The intrinsic value is far better. At least, for me, it is.

So I'll post my travels at the bakery now. You'll see the occasional experiment, and attempts at things I don't think I've mastered. Can we say Jaconde? I've always wanted to try this, and with a little help from Wendyand the crew at eGullet, I just may have a shot at getting it right.

So as the say, see ya at the bakeshop y'all!