Monday, January 12, 2009

Everything's better with bacon - even dessert!

Sorry about the blur, it's an early blogging photo and I didn't have any bacon hand to shoot a pic of currently. Bacon for dessert is the topic of late. One of the guys I work with at Godiva recently ran into Voges au Chocolat's Chocolate Bacon bars and was surprised at how good it was.

Well, yes, everything is better with bacon. In the video the guy seems to be more impressed with the word "brunoise" (a fine dice). And don't be fooled with the "fevillitine" ingredient. It's corn flakes folks. (As a side note: in France they have Feuillitine, it is crisped crepes broken into pieces. You can substitute crisped cereals like corn flakes or rice crispies, but it is not the same.)
Time magazine has a great article about making dessert with bacon. Go ahead give it a try. You may just like what you eat! The recipe is found here.