Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Breakfast today

breakfast begins
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For the first time in a long time, I woke up hungry. I usually don't eat breakfast early in the day. I get up get the day started and then eat something around 9 a.m.

So this morning I decided to grab a quick bowl of Shredded Wheat. I know, I know, ewwweeewwee! is what a lot of you are saying. That's like eating hay! Yes, but I like it.

You see, I am allergic to milk. Have been since I was just a baby. I was even allergic to breast milk. Both my brother and I about drove my poor mother absolutely insane until she found out what made us cry, scream, wail all the time was the food we were ingesting. Anytime I eat anything with a huge amount of milk in it, I deal with the sick stomach and follow-up repercussions.

That's why I like Shredded Wheat. You can use a very small amount of milk, and actually not feel guilty about dumping a bunch milk down the drain. I learned as a small child to run the biscuits under hot water and then drain them off well add your sweetener and milk, consume. I still do it that way. The hot water gets the wheat nice and soft and ready for the milk. You can use just a minimal amount of milk, (not enough to make me queasy thank goodness) and it's gone when the cereal is!

Whenever I eat other cereals there is always a ton of milk left over and
I throw it down the drain. I feel so guilty pouring it away but you simply cannot addd it back to the carton. You'd have a mixture of ewewwewe creepy milk. I shudder thinking about it. Ick.

So that's why I choose Shredded Wheat for all your inquiring minds. Warmth, less milk yay! and less waste!

breakfast is over