Thursday, November 02, 2006

Small fruits

Small fruits
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Today I'm taking some shots of the tiny fruit I found at the grocers. The orange is a blood orange, normal size, so you can see how small the pears and the apples are.

The apples are actually crabapples. I have never seen them fresh like this. We have enjoyed them for years, spiced - stems and all. There was always a jar at the table at Thanksgiving around our home. I didn't even know you could eat them fresh like this until just a few years ago. Now to find them locally is really incredible considering the grocery stores around here.

Then the pears, my favorite fruit of all time, were there. Listed as "baby" pears. I'm sure they're not thrilled with the description, but they were fresh and ripe and I could hardly contain myself long enough to photograph them. Delicious!

What small fruit have you seen lately?

I am also enjoying my new camera! I cannot believe what great close-up photos it takes just using the auto settings. I will have to break it out of auto presets and shoot something showing some real depth of field soon. but for now enjoy these:

Pears and crabapples


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