Monday, October 09, 2006

We did a ton of cakes!

Davis is one today!
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Last week we did 23 large cakes and 4 wedding cakes. Aaaaagh! I did quite a few of the large cakes. We called S'mee in to help. She did the decorating on the wedding cakes. Yes, all four!

The cake above is a collaboration. I did the decorating, and S'mee did the lettering. The cake is for one of S'mee's good friends so I made her letter the thing. We wanted it to be really nice for the birthday boy!

Another birthday cake was for grandma. The daughter called and asked if we could do a cake with cats. Of course we can! I am a cat person, if anyone can do cats, it's me.

Cats for grandma

Then the most wonderful couple came in to order a cake for their daughter. I have never seen a dad so engaged ina prodject as this one was. He was as excited about the cake as his wife. We came up with a cute cake for their soon to be six year old:

Emily's 6

and then, and then, oh boy, and then....

there was this cake. Two guys cam in to order cakes for a party they were throuwing for their wives. A Pimp and Ho party. (I can only imagine the hits I'm going to get from thsi!) They wanted gold, green and purple. They didn't want it to look too cheap. I suggested goild coins on the side and they said no, that would be wrong. ??? So we took a look at a mardi gras cake we had done and they chose to do the cakes like it. So here we have version one of the 14" party cakes. The other was green with purple, and gold with purple and green accents.:

Holy Hannah!

Glitter on all three. Eeeek! Each was a different flavor so hopefully all the guests were satisfied. Well, with the cake at least.