Sunday, October 23, 2005

IMBB #20 Has My Blog Fallen?

IMBB #20
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Kitchen Chick is hosting this months edition of Is My Blog Burning? with a great challenge for most of us. Souffle!

Souffle conjurs up some of the wildest ideas of kitchen disasters. No chill in the air, no slamming of doors, no running through the house. No, No, Nos!

I have yet to make a souffle for those very reasons. Had I known it was so easy and would yield such grand results, I would have jumped on the souffle bandwagon years ago.

I looked about for a souffle recipe that would render some really nice pictures. I had just partiicpated in SHF's The Dark Side and wanted to avoid the use of more chocolate...when I stumbled upon an October month theme again. In the Pink! A cheese and beet souffle that the recipe's author guaranteed unique results. As you can see by the pics the display is certainly pink!

I have deemed my venture into the world of souffles a hit by the way it puffed and held for a few minutes, then promptly fell as expected. However, I wouldn't reccomend the beet souffle to anyone else. It just didn't have any real flavor. Quite a disappointment in the palate pleasing regard. It was bland and each bite left you searching for a flavor, any flavor mind you. I won't even bother you with the recipe. If you'd like to try it email me and I will kindly forward it to you!

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